Dolianova 2019


After a period of consolidation that lasted several years, we at Cantine di Dolianova presented ourselves on the market as one of the most important and reliable companies of the Sardinian wine sector. The numbers confirm this, as do the long-established partnerships with the major players in large-scale distribution, the exports to every continent and our constantly growing presence in quality restaurants and the best wine shops.

Strengthened by this solidity, at Cantine di Dolianova, we are preparing to celebrate our 70th anniversary with an investment programme that, over the next three years, will allow our company to take an important qualitative leap.

New organic wines will join our production, meeting the needs of a constantly growing segment that is increasingly appreciated and requested by the market.

New, great wines will be created precisely to celebrate the Cantine’s 70th anniversary in the best way possible.

At Cantine di Dolianova, we are also restyling our image with the creation of a new brand and important investments in advertising: this will be the most evident sign of our company’s growth as we prepare to confirm and revitalise our leadership role in the Sardinian market and our strong presence in all other reference markets.

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