70 years of history,

3000 years of tradition.

In Sardinia, the name Dolianova has always been linked to the production of quality wines. The first evidence of wine-growing in the area dates back to over a thousand years ago, according to the Nuraghic artefacts (jugs, wine presses) found in the area.
Cantine di Dolianova was established in 1949 to continue and promote that tradition. In those years, Sardinia was still very behind the times and the island was quite different to how it is today. A group of wine growers met to form a cooperative which aimed to personally and better promote the fruits of their own labour, giving a united force to each individuals’ commitment.
The Cantine’s family album is full of images that show the Cooperative’s evolution and tell our story. Photos of the grape harvests, historic bottles and the first awards that we won. The faces of the past are superimposed with those of today, as the Cantine’s associates are often the children and grandchildren of the initial founders.
It has been easy to pass down the Cantine’s values from father to son over the last 70 years: love for the land, passion for the vines and commitment to always improve by aiming to produce superior quality wine. Today, like then, we work to give those who love our labels all the quality of the best Sardinian vines.

So many years of history have taught us that quality cannot be improvised. Cantine di Dolianova is ready to look to the future, with the strength and awareness that 70 years of history has brought us, along with the wisdom of an area that boasts 3,000 years of wine-making tradition.

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