Cantine di Dolianova

We’re ready to bottle the future

With 1,200 hectares of our own vineyards, Cantine di Dolianova is by far the largest winery in Sardinia. The numbers confirm our winery’s leadership, capable of selling over 4 million bottles every year and exporting our products to five continents.

Thanks to the grapes grown by over 300 associates, Cantine di Dolianova produces excellent wines that have received over 100 awards in the last 10 years. The most recent confirmation of this quality is the 3 glasses awarded to our 2011 Falconaro by Gambero Rosso 2017.

When speaking about our wines, we like to say that “each bottle is a tribute to Sardinia“. In fact, we devote all our passion to the typical grape varieties of our island (especially Cannonau, Monica, Nuragus, Moscato and Vermentino).

With the “Dolianova 2019” project currently being launched, leading us to our 70th-anniversary celebration three years from now, we will give further momentum to the Cantine with a new image, new wines and an investment programme that will once again confirm our leadership on the island.

Cantine di Dolianova is preparing to bottle the future. With the same high quality and an infinite passion for our wines and our island

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